Greg Pfarr Landscapes

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Print of Golden Lake, Central Oregon Cascades
Golden Lake, Central Oregon Cascades, Etching, 12" x 48"

Pastel of Eliot Glacier
Eliot Glacier, Mount Hood, Pastel, 22" x 30"


Approaching Sawyer Glacier, Oil painting, 32 "x 48"

Greg Pfarr's prints and paintings have been recognized nationally and internationally. He has exhibited his work in such international competitions as Sigma Gallery's monotype competition in New York City, the Museum of Art's landscape competition in downtown Los Angeles, and the Portland Art Museum's International Print Exhibition. He has exhibited nationally in competitions sponsored by the Boston Printmakers, the Philadelphia Print Club, and the Los Angeles Printmakers. His work has been discussed in the New York Times in a review of the Sigma Gallery's monotype competition.